Wednesday, August 16, 2017

poem 300

by corinne delmonico

sometimes i wonder
why i am on this earth
my mom was not a virgin
not even at my birth

my dad was not the lightning
and on a mountain did not live
and words of truth and wisdom
he had but few to give

the people that i lived with
woke up every day
but exactly why they did that
they really could not say

they ate cheeseburgers and donuts
but did not make their own
without dunkin and mcdonalds
they would be skin and bone

they had 5000 channels
to watch on the tv
on exactly what to watch and when
they did not always agree

if they had been neanderthals
or monkeys in a tree
or wanderers in the desert
would they have been more free?

o wise men in your think tanks
and sages in seminars
think of the lonely prairie dog
beneath the disappearing stars

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