Wednesday, February 7, 2018

an obituary

by fred flynn

citizen johnson harrison died today, at the age of 131, at his home in city 224, second european-atlantic sector.

citizen harrison was born on february 27, 73 b r, in the former province of britain.

citizen harrison is believed to be the last person to have been designated as an “adult” before the old designations of “adult” and “adolescent” and “child” were abolished in the year 33 b r, by edict 347-fg of the world congress.

he received a certificate of “adulthood” on his 45th birthday, on july 20, 33 b r, a couple of days after edict 3467-fg was promulgated but before it could be effectively put in place.

according to neighbors who knew citizen harrison in his last years, he took an unreasoning though harmless pride in this fact, and kept the certificate well preserved and prominently displayed in his living space.

he was an active member of his local art, poetry, and cooking groups, but won few prizes in them.

he was not so active in the local exercise and fitness groups, and took no part in political affairs.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

walking in the rain

by wiggly jones, "the little hippie boy"

walking in the rain
with a hole in my hat
tried to conquer the world
didn’t know it would end like that

walking in the rain
drifting through the mist
tried to conquer the world
didn’t know it would end like this

raindrops on my head
water in my shoes
this is how it ends
when you begin the booze

sirens fill the air
flashing lights ahead
i will answer every question
with, soon we’ll all be dead

walking in the rain
water floods the earth
this is how it ends
when you are cursed from birth

Monday, January 29, 2018


by wiggly jones, "the little hippie boy"

imagine a world without injustice

imagine a world without oppression

imagine a world without exploitation

imagine a world without alienation

imagine a world where everybody is equal

imagine a world where every time somebody says something bad all the other people in the world tell them to stop

imagine a world where everybody is nice

imagine a world where nobody says anything mean

imagine a world where nobody says anything at all

because there is nothing more to say

imagine a world where everybody has exactly ten billion dollars

to spend however they like

or maybe there will not even be any money

because nobody will have to buy anything

imagine a world where nobody hurts anybody else

or threatens anybody else

or offends anybody else

imagine a world where the word “offend” does not even exist

imagine a world where nobody is any better looking than anybody else

because everybody looks exactly the same

where everybody weighs exactly the same

and does the exact same amount of exercise every day

imagine a world where everybody eats the same thing every day

in exactly the same amount

where everybody in the world votes every day on what to eat that day

and then they all eat it

at the same time

before they do their exercise at the same time every day

or everybody could vote on a menu for the week

it might be tofu on monday, black bean soup on tuesday, granola on wednesday, seaweed in thursday…

you get the idea

or where there might not even be days of the week because time will be abolished

just like money will be abolished

imagine a world where everybody watches the same movie every day

in their own space

and everybody is the star and the director of the movie that everybody watches every day

the movie is about a brave prince who rescues a beautiful princess from an evil dragon

every day

and everybody is both the prince and the princess

but nobody is the dragon

and everybody is famous, as famous as everybody else

and everybody is an artist

as much an artist as anybody else

and everybody is a work of art

the same work of art

which everybody will look at forever

and be inspired forever

and be happy forever


Thursday, January 25, 2018

smoothie: a dream

by wiggly jones, "the little hippie boy"

as i was walking down the street
a strawberry smoothie i did meet
i asked him for the time of day
but what it was he could not say

he pointed to the moon and stars
and asked if folks still smoked cigars
i told him that that form of sin
had been consigned to history’s bin

he asked me if i thought the times
were propitious for oracular rhymes
i answered that the wisest sages
were hiding, if not burning, their pages

the smoothie and i parted ways
i entered a forgotten maze
where demons sing, and gods are slain
and no memory is too arcane

Saturday, January 20, 2018


by corinne delmonico

don’t want to be like my father
working for the man for years
don’’t want to be like my mother
a fountain of tiresome tears

don’t want to be like my brother
a bum despised by all
don’t want to be like my sister
a brainless barbie doll

i say i just want to be myself
but what does that mean?
it means i want to rule the world
i would make an excellent queen

you probably want to be queen yourself
emperor, empress, or king
it would really be so nice
but you can’t have everything

i am a big crybaby
whining all day long
that ’s just who i am
and these are the words to my song

Friday, January 19, 2018


by horace p aternwall

hitler was a bad person
stalin was a family man
bismarck was a man of the people
and drank his beer from a can

mao wore pink pajamas
and slept all afternoon
churchill ran around naked
whistling a happy tune

roosevelt liked the ladies
and watched them through his pince-nez
the kaiser was always a gentleman
i don’t care what anyone says

ronald reagan studied the stars
to determine what to do
margaret thatcher sat by the river
singing the weary blues

richard nixon did crossword puzzles
and often fell down drunk
boris yeltsin wore funny hats
and wished he was a monk

they all drank tea with honey
and ate croissants with flaky crusts
now their memoirs are forgotten
and their empires have turned to dust

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

message in a black and white school notebook, found in a garage sale in arlington tennessee, february 9, 2017

by corinne delmonico

do you believe that anything is real?

do you believe that you yourself are real?

do you believe that you can be anything you want to be?

do you believe that you can live forever if only you want to?

do you believe that you will live forever?

do you believe that you are real but that nobody else is?

do you believe that all the other people in the world should be your slaves?

do you believe that all the other people in the world are your slaves?

but that they just don’t know it?

would you like to learn how to make them realize that they are your slaves?

do you think that somewhere in an another universe there might be someone even more beautiful and immortal than yourself?

would you like to meet that person?

would you like to make that person your slave?

would you like to be their slave?

and live with them forever?

would you like for the two of you to be attended by thousands of slaves?

or to be alone in a kingdom on an island?

which do you like better, cats or dogs?