Saturday, July 12, 2014

the smile

by sutcliffe lovingood

illustrations by penmarq studios

it was over.

the decision had been made.

the human race had been placed on the suspended list.

four humans would be preserved and taken to central filing to be kept there indefinitely for future reference and study.

three had already been chosen.

adolf, albert and marilyn were seated on a couch on the left side of the waiting room.

the final choice would be between anne and teresa, who were seated on another couch on the right side.

the secretary, who had been busy at a terminal, finally motioned to anne and teresa to come up to the front desk.

when they were seated, the secretary took a couple of thin file folders out of the desk and glanced at them.

"i think you both know the situation," the secretary said. "four humans are to be kept alive at central. adolf over there has been chosen to represent evil,

albert to represent intelligence,

and marilyn to represent love and beauty."

the secretary paused. "whatever all that means. one of you two will be chosen to represent goodness and innocence. now, what do you have to say for yourselves?"

"i do not really care to go," said anne. "teresa can go."

the secretary looked briefly at the file. "you know, anne, all of you are to be thoroughly sedated on the trip to central. and once you get there, you need not associate with the others if you do not wish to. so, if proximity to adolf is the problem…"

"no," anne interrupted. "i really don't want to go under any circumstances."

"i see," said the secretary. "teresa?"

"this central sounds like a dreadful place," said teresa. "i do not want to go either. anne can go."

"one of you has to go," said the secretary. but neither anne nor teresa responded.

"in that case, we will have to flip a coin." the secretary took a coin out of the desk, and looked over at the three seated on the couch.

"one of you will have to flip the coin. adolf?"

"i do not care to do so. i protest this whole bolshevik fiasco."

"nor do i," said albert. "i do not wish to involve myself in these ridiculous proceedings any more than necessary."

"oh for god's sake," said marilyn. "i'll flip the damn coin."

marilyn got up and went over and took the coin from the secretary and smiled at anne and teresa.

at that moment both of them changed their minds and wished to be the winner of the coin flip and to go to central.