Wednesday, August 9, 2017


by corinne delmonico

nobody knows my name and rules the world
they rule the world because they know my name
but i have no name

orangutans live in the trees
they have long arms that hang down sadly
sadly among the disappearing leaves

pomegranates are referenced in poems
but nobody really eats them
have you ever eaten a pomegranate?

at night the earth is quiet
but not as quiet as it used to be
before you all came along

robin hood robbed the rich to give to the poor
but kept a little for himself
because he had to eat

samson was big and strong and loved delilah
he loved delilah because he was big and strong
but no good came of it

turtles live a long time
longer than mosquitoes or tigers or humans
but they don’t go anywhere much

uncle john kept his pants up with a suspender
a single suspender held on with a button
i swear he did

the possums came out at night in old virginia
by the light of the moon in old virginia
and ate the watermelons

woodrow wilson wore a top hat
he wore a top hat because he was woodrow wilson
when he took it off he was not woodrow wilson any more

expect the best and you will get nothing
expect nothing and you will get something
your mother expects you for dinner

a lonely youth sits in a lonely room
he is lonely because he is a youth
and his true love is only a dream

zebras share the earth with humans
but do not really care much for them
and wish they would go back to their own planet

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