Thursday, January 30, 2014

4 poems by 4 poets

illustrations by eddie el greco and danny delacroix

sunny jim

by chuck leary

once i had a monkey
his name was sunny jim
and every time i think of him
my eyes grow wet and dim

i met him in the circus
in december of forty-nine
we were breaking for the winter
and our prospects were not fine

he was only a monkey
i was only a bum
we headed for the highway
and i stuck out my thumb

i wish i could remember
all the things he did and said
i only know he was my pal
and that he is now dead

the clown

by mary c fogg

the fire
is alive

and many
eyed, twists and

falls, and its
laughter, at

what? - is all
colors, the

red open

the gold soft
sneering, the

green gentle

the orange
is loutish

hooting and
looks around

for its friends'

the purple

contempt, too
quick to catch -

almost too
quick to catch

long ago

by corinne delmonico

long ago but strangely near
a princess brushed away a tear
in her castle window seat
her faithful spider at her feet

every day the princess sat
at the window looking at
the horizon cold and flat
on her head she wore a hat

to protect her from the sun
as she waited for the one
who would sweep her off her feet
and cause her heart to flutter sweet

love was all the princess knew
it pervaded her through and through
what other joy could life provide?
so she waited and she sighed


by regina osgood stapledon

who wants to love me?
no one, it seems
will i ever find romance?
only in my dreams

who will remember me?
only the wind
for i have never been sanctified
nor have i sinned