Thursday, August 10, 2017


by corinne delmonico

i had a dream last night

the party was over

the other guests had all gone home
the host had retired to his study

i went for a walk in the garden
under a full moon

the garden was filled with statues

there was a statue of alexander the great
weeping at the river
weeping at the river forever

there was a statue of pharoah’s daughter
discovering little moses
discovering little moses forever

and joshua blowing his trumpet
fighting the battle of jericho
with the walls tumbling down forever

and lincoln in his top hat
freeing the slaves
freeing the slaves forever

it started to rain
so i stopped looking at the statues
and went inside

the house was filled with corridors
long corridors
long corridors lined with pictures

there was a picture of jesse james
getting shot in the back by bob ford
getting shot in the back by that dirty little coward forever

and edmond dantes diving under the water
finding the treasure
finding endless wealth forever

and orville wright
flying the first plane at kitty hawk
flying through the foggy air forever

and delilah cutting samson’s hair
while the poor boy slept like a baby
slept like a baby forever

and robert e lee at appomatox
surrendering to grant
handing his sword to grant forever

and dracula outside the window
looking in at lucy
looking in at sweet lucy with his glowing eyes forever

and teddy roosevelt at san juan hill
charging up san juan hill
charging up the hill forever

and lindbergh riding down broadway in an open limousine
being cheered by the crowd
being cheered by the crowd on broadway forever

and anne frank in her attic
writing in her diary writing in her diary forever

and oswald getting shot
getting shot by jack ruby
getting shot by jack ruby forever

all these people with their stories
doing things in their stories
doing them forever

everybody doing things forever
living forever
doing their things forever

everybody except me

because i am going to die some day


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