Monday, November 28, 2016

a day at the beach

by chuck leary

illustration by eddie el greco

you seem surprised, my friend
that the world has come to an end
has it come too early? too late?
i see you have gained some weight

let us go down to the shore
it may not be there any more
and the man who sold ice cream -
well, we can always dream

i recall you liked chocolate best
and never passed the comprehensive test
required of all aspirants
who showed ambition, and scorned chance

now chance and ambition are one
as are politics, murder, and fun
but all that was yesterday
let us soak up these last rays

worm in love

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


by alice marston sternwall

illustration by jacqueine le mot

a leaf drifted in the air
and fell to the ground
raindrops ripped it
now it can not be found

jenny was a quiet child
born for gentle love
a bolt of lightning struck her
from the dark heavens above

harold was a dreamer
with his eyes turned to the sky
he never saw a sign there
and he always wondered why

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

thus doth it end

by horace p sternwall

illustrations by danny delacroix

mr z had things to say
and he posted them every day
then one day to him it occurred
that all his passionate words
in the cloud were just floating away

he suddenly got to his feet
and went outside in the street
the world was deserted and bare
only he was taking the air
he fell to the ground in despair

he resolved to mend his ways
and care not for censure or praise
to become a wandering minstrel or monk
or a sidewalk-sitting drunk
or just lay there forever in a daze

at length hunger attacked his frame
and to his eternal shame
he went inside for a bite
the old thoughts returned so bright
and he got back into the game

mr z has things to say
and he posts them every day
with his trusty laptop and phone
and pizza delivered to his home
he wouldn’t have it any other way