Tuesday, August 15, 2017

poem 200

by corinne delmonico

this is a poem
that by myself i wrote
david was just a little boy
but big goliath he smote

joshua blew his trumpet
against the canaanites
he practiced through the night and day
until he got it right

cleopatra ruled the world
and floated down the nile
she could have lived forever
but got tired after a while

henry viii was a mighty man
and liked his roasts well done
he wanted a true and loyal wife
but had trouble finding one

billy the kid was a killer
with a price upon his head
he always knelt and said his prayers
before he went to bed

some lucky folks are famous
and songs about them sung
but most are soon forgotten
and some born to be hung

i am sitting in the raindrops
feeling so forlorn
i really need somebody
to blame for being born

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