Tuesday, August 8, 2017


by corinne delmonico

ali is a muslim and plants bombs in cars
he plants bombs in cars because he is a muslim
all muslims plant bombs in cars

bud is an african american man and holds up liquor stores
he holds up liquor stores because he is an african american man
all african american men hold up liquor stores

hillary clinton was a woman and ran for president
she ran for president because she was a woman
all women run for president

donald trump is a white man and was elected president
he was elected president because he is a white man
all white men are elected president

einstein was a scientist and smoked a pipe
he smoked a pipe because he was a scientist
all scientists smoke pipes

frank sinatra was italian and sold a lot of records
he sold a lot of records because he was italian
all italians sell a lot of records

gorgeous george had long blond curls and everybody hated him
everybody hated him because he had long blond curls
george thought of himself as a pretty nice guy

hitler was a bad person and had a little mustache
he kept it neatly trimmed all the time
but sometimes his hair fell down over his forehead

i am a nice person
i wish people liked me more
i wish people liked me more because i am a nice person

joe dimaggio was a strange man and played baseball
he played baseball because he was a strange man
all strange men play baseball

jack kerouac had a cool name and went on the road
he went on the road because he had a cool name
he didn’t care if it rained or snowed

leonardo da vinci was a genius and lived a long time ago
he lived a long time ago because he was a genius
all people who lived a long time ago were geniuses

marilyn monroe was a human female and a sex goddess
she was a sex goddess because she was a human female
all human females are sex goddesses

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