Monday, July 11, 2016

3 more poems

illustrations by palomine studios

who am i?

by wiggly jones, "the little hippie boy"

i was walking down a country road
as it began to rain
i had nothing to remember
and nothing to explain

a child approached me
with a frown upon its face
and enquired as to the chances
of the survival of the human race

i answered i was no villain
nor was i a hero
and the chances of survival of anything in this universe
were zero

the child thanked me politely
and continued on its way
and i regretted my hasty answer
for who was i to say

who was i tell a flea
not to bite a dog or cat
or an elephant not to trample a village
or a sea lion not to get fat?

or a cloud not to shower water
or a rainbow not to shine
or a mosquito not to drink blood
or a bum not to drink wine?

who am i?
who am i indeed?
when the angels are all in the county jail
and the devils have all been freed


by roger "pegleg" wilson

you don't have to go to paris or rome
to get away from the hicks
anywhere you go
you can get your kicks

kicks, baby
that's all that counts
get them by the bushel
get them by the ounce

kicks on the endless highway
kicks in an alley black
kicks when they throw you in the slammer
kicks when they cut you some slack

i forget what i was saying
when i started down this road
i was waiting for somebody - can’t remember who
but i guess they never showed

true love

by chuck leary

o jenny sue i love you
i love you o so much
i think of you and thrill
to your imaginary touch

i love you in the ether
i love you in the air
i love you when you're not around
and when you're not even there

i love you in the morning mist
i love you in the rain
i love you in the sunset
if i never see you again

you are the dream of love itself
and dreams are all there are
i am sorry you don’t love me back
but you will always be my star

the first time that i saw you
from the window of the bus
i knew that nothing really existed
- except us

i could go on like this forever
and maybe i will try
what else have i to do
when time won’t die?

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