Tuesday, June 21, 2016

3 poems

by corinne delmonico

illustrations by palomine studios

you know

you know

i guess



and she goes

and i go

and she’s like


all right

i’ll do it

time passes


well what

are you going to do it

do what

you know what

no what

you know

and she goes

and i’m like

i said i’d do it

stop confusing me

i’m not confusing you

how do you know

i’m me

not you

you’re not me

are you going to do it

i said i would

this is getting ridiculous

then leave

just leave

all right

i’m leaving

time passes


well what


a dream

last night
i had the strangest dream

it wasn’t very strange

i was walking down a road
i had to get somewhere

to take a test
there were rivers

and mountains
and a seashore

had to take the test
i had been studying for

all my life -
to miss the test

would be shameful
and make my whole life

but what could i do?

the test must be starting
and i didn’t even

know where i was
or how to get

it was not

a very interesting

but i am not
a very interesting

i just kept walking


i never climbed a mountain
or swum across a sea
i always wanted to be someone else
but i’m still only me

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