Friday, July 29, 2016

2 poems and a story

illustrations by palomine studios


by chuck leary

rancid shit oozes from my ravaged butthole
as hungry wolves howl on the meathooks of death
we will watch no reruns of mary tyler moore tonight
but the red lizards of despair will crawl up the walls

who are you to tell me what to do?
after the initial shock of the empire’s collapse
i had it all written down in my secret notebook
but the baboons of philosophical reflection had other ideas

i can hear the railroads still running
carrying the robots to the final battle
a battle without generals or armies
only the final whistling behind the final park bench

so sing, repossessed angels, sing
as a million bareassed bankers gather for a torchlight parade
mockery was the acid that dissolved all
when the kingdom of love was crying to be born


by sarah monday sternwall

see the little flower
welcome the buzzing bee
see the sandy golden shore
welcome the surging sea

see the waving willow branch
look up at the blue sky
see the solemn bullfrog
start at the seagull’s cry

see the stealthy squirrel
approach the fallen nut
and a sudden shaft of sunlight
through the oak tree’s shadow cut

hear the crickets chirping
in the swirling morning breeze
hear all nature singing
in a wondrous symphony!


by corinne delmonico

sarah morrison , like me, had no friends.

i had no particular desire to be her friend.

but she apparently wanted to be my friend, because she came over and started talking to me one day.

she didn’t ask me what i wanted to talk about, just started on about a color - blue, i think it was - and went on and on about it.

the next day she came over and started talking to me again. this time it was about some book she was reading - about cleopatra or joan of arc or somebody like that.

while she was talking, abbie marlowe and jennifer winchell - the two total princesses of the school - walked by.

one of them said to the other - “ha, ha, the goop sisters” - thus effectively ending once and for all my existence as a human being.

i pretended i had not heard and did not say anything but when sarah morrison approached me the next day i immediately told her - “stay away from me”.

sarah and i never spoke to each other again.

something reminded me of sarah the other day and i thought about her for the first time in years.

but not for long.

what was there to think about, or to say?

either she is alive or dead, or she went on to have some kind of life or she didn’t.

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