Sunday, July 24, 2016

thoughts at sunset

by wiggly jones, "the little hippie boy"

illustrations by konrad kraus

people try so hard to be different
but they are all the same
and spend their rapidly dwindling days
inventing elaborate games

cleopatra scratched a mosquito bite
as she floated down the nile
and little moses told her
she looked prettier when she smiled

cinderella had a runny nose
and couldn’t go to the ball
the wicked stepsisters went instead
a good time was had by all

constantine was a christian
a gentleman through and through
he sat on the beach at sunset
and watched the waves turn red and blue

delilah tricked poor samson
and cut off all his hair
then samson cried his eyes out
because life is so unfair

hitler was a bad person
though he displayed occasional charm
sometimes he wished he had never been born
or stayed down on the farm

stalin had a rosary
his mama gave him when he left home
and he kept it with him forever
through land and sea and foam

walter winchell wore a hat
and smoked many cigarettes
and wore his rubbers when it rained
but still his feet got wet

everybody wants to be famous
and not just do their duty
they will lie and cheat and murder
and even shake their booty

i have no words of wisdom
to keep you from feeling sad
people could be nice to each other
but it is more fun being bad

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