Wednesday, September 10, 2014

sharon and the salesman, part 4

by nick nelson

illustrations courtesy of penmarq studios

chapters 27 - 35 of 52

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what was that?

larry awoke suddenly.

where was he?

right, in his new room.




larry wished he could slide back into nothingness.

but he knew he better get up and take his clothes off and take a shower or he would be so stiff and sore in the morning he would hardly be able to pick up his sample case.

his sample case.



understanding that she was being silly did not help sharon get to sleep.

she decided to get up and watch some more television



in books and movies people were always doing impulsive things and being "free spirits".

were there any "free spirits" in real life, sharon wondered.

if there were, they probably got put in straight jackets.

but what could you do?



very soon it would be midnight.

then morning.

of another rotten day.

thought sharon and larry simultaneously.



knowing it would eventually be finally over…



nothing would ever change…

but now sharon was walking down a long dark corridor

actually she was swimming, but not making much progress

she had to get to the airport…

she woke up




what time was it?

larry took his watch out of his pocket.

twelve oh eight.

would he wake the lady or the daughter up if he took a shower?

on his first night in the place.

fuck it, he'd take a shower in the morning.

the morning.



pulling the blanket up to her chin, sharon watched gunsmoke with the sound off.

she had started watching television with the sound off about a year ago.

it was addictive.


chapters 36 - 42

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