Monday, September 8, 2014

sharon and the salesman, part 3

by nick nelson

illustrations courtesy of penmarq studios

chapters 21 - 26 of 52

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quiet spread through the house.

night had fallen.

lying on her bed, with the television on but with the sound off, sharon was still thinking about larry.

and how to get him to take her seriously, so they could have a nice interesting conversation.



damn! thought larry as he suddenly woke up.

he had fallen asleep on the bed, without taking his clothes off, after sharon had left.

he had dreamed about sharon.

but it was only a dream.

what a relief !



generally speaking, larry was not a bad guy most of the time.

even if he had to say so himself.

being a salesman, he met new people - strangers - every day.

about half of them were women.

a lot of them were bored.

well, some of them were bored.

and some of them were crazy.



larry just wanted to be alone.



excitement had always been lacking in sharon's life.

and she had accepted that.



for once in her life, sharon wanted to have a little fun.

not even fun, really, just to meet someone interesting.


chapters 27 - 35

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