Friday, September 12, 2014

sharon and the salesman, conclusion

by nick nelson

illustrations courtesy of penmarq studios

chapters 43 - 52 of 52

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last night could have been worse, thought larry, as the barely warm water hit him.

now he had to get through the day.



mom wouldn't notice if i don't get up right away, thought sharon.

and besides, she could hear the shower running.



when i do get up, thought sharon, i will stay up.

yes, that was a good resolution.



turning the shower off, larry's mind went completely blank.

but only for a few seconds.

it was the best feeling he had in days.

something to build on.






quickly acting on her new resolution, sharon sat up on the bed.

the television was off.

should she turn it back on?

maybe with the sound on, watch the news?

yes, that was a good, responsible, idea.

she acted on it.



putting his clothes on, larry suddenly felt good.

i mean, why not?



maybe it would not be such a bad day after all, thought sharon.

somehow she would start up a conversation with larry.

she had all day to think of things to say to him.

the whole day.



oh, fuck!

larry remembered his appointment with williams.



really, could it get any worse?

larry felt like getting in his car and just driving away.

anywhere away from this life.


the end

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