Sunday, September 7, 2014

sharon and the salesman, part 2

by nick nelson

illustrations courtesy of penmarq studios

chapters 14 - 20 of 52

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"this is your room. how do you like it?" sharon asked brightly.

maybe too brightly.

"it looks very nice," larry answered.

he placed his suitcase carefully on the bed



knowing herself only too well, sharon tried to act grown up.



"here - if you open the widow it won't be so stuffy."

opening the window gave sharon something to do with her hands, instead of holding them behind her back.

"there now, isn't that better?"



exactly what larry needed.



unless he was greatly mistaken, this young lady was trouble.

trouble he didn't need.

especially not now.



calm down, larry told himself.

maybe they never had a roomer before - yeah, wasn't that what the mother said?

the girl was just a little nervous. this was a new experience for her.

once she was gone, everything would be cool.

so relax.



just relax.


chapters 21 - 26

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