Saturday, December 26, 2015

6 poems by 6 poets


by cynthia bondrian

love is the answer
to a question
that should never be asked

should ever have to say
do you love me

do you like me

why don’t you like me

what is wrong with me

why must i be banished from the tribe

why must i be hanged

why must i be burned at the stake

why must i be stoned

what are you all laughing at


by nicholas nelson

i woke up this morning with a feeling of despair
and cried because i wasn’t getting my share
everybody was mean to me
but all i wanted was too be free

the day will dawn and the sun will shine
but i won’t get what is rightfully mine
my fellow humans will pass me by
and not give a darn if i laugh or cry

the wheels will roll and the markets climb
but no one will throw me a lousy dime
and no matter how much i shout and insist
they will just keep on like i don’t exist

if everybody would treat me nice
i wouldn’t have to pay this price
the sun would shine and the ice would melt
and i would be just like everybody else


by charles leary

fuck all you motherfucking assholes, you motherfucking pieces of shit
you raped and murdered us for a million years, but we have had enough of it
now is the time for payback, to make you assholes pay
now is the time for truth, listen to what i say

the world is a bucket of blood, coming to a boil
because all you care about is the price of oil
the world is going up in flames
because of your patriarchal games

the world is going up in smoke
you think it is all a joke
you light your cigars as oceans die
laugh as your profits multiply

once humans walked the earth in peace
sharing the earth with the other beasts
in mother earth’s enfolding gaze
time flowed on as one blue day

tigers, dinosaurs, monkeys, elephants
united in one cosmic dance
creatures too numerous to name
all treating each other the same

and then against a darkening sky
a strange figure drew nigh
a long shadow in the setting sun
a white man - with a gun

the rest of course, is history
a cavalcade of misery
an endless dick up an endless ass
bringing us to our present pass

so fuck all you motherfucking assholes, you motherfucking pieces of shit
you have raped and murdered for a million years, but we have had enough of it
now is the time for revolution, to make you bastards pay
now is the time for truth - time for the final new day


by arthur dylan sternwall

war was bad
but it was ail we had
in rain and wind and snow
around the campfire’s glow

passing time in song and story
of battle's immortal glory
what tales we told
as we shivered in the cold

the winners got to eat
and those who knew defeat
were immortalized in tales
handed down through winter’s gales

and when the sun burned bright
after yet another night
we put away our fears
and gathered up our spears

with our weapons on our shoulders
let the earth grown warm or colder
each day another test
until our final heroes rest


by regina stapledon

would be nice

don’t you think?

instead of blowing people to bits
and cutting heads off

and dropping bombs
and napalm

and shooting drones
all over the world

why can’t everybody
just get along?

what is there to fight about?

oil? soybeans?
one holy book instead of another?

come on, people
let’s try it!


you might like it


by corinne delmonico

adolf hitler was famous
so was marilyn monroe
and elvis’s name will live forever
as long as time does flow

mao with his smile, stalin with his laugh
winston churchill, alexander the great
cleopatra floating down the nile
defy the sneering ravages of fate

salome, little david, leonardo
michaelangelo ,and joan of arc
their names and faces in twenty billion brains
and not just statues in your local park

jane austen, einstein, queen victoria
look down on us from olympus and smile
they will live forever
you and i will be gone in a little while

franks sinatra, jack the ripper, andy warhol
you say they only had their fifteen minutes
at least their names are written in the book
but you and i will never even be in it

why does this make us sad?
why do we care?
some day the earth will finally freeze over
and even they will vanish into air

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