Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2 poems

by wiggly jones. "the little hippie boy"

illustrations by palomine studios


poems are about the sky

poets from li po
to rimbaud
noticed that the sky was blue
how true

the sky is blue
the clouds are white
all right

sometimes the sky is gray
on a winter day

and the grass is green
when from a distance seen

lonely travelers pass
as cows chew the grass

crows fly overhead
their wings are black
and their eyes are red

a lost dream

in my youth
i had a dream

i thought that war
would wither away

and greed become
a thing of the past

and conflict and strife
and the exploitation

of one human
by another

would vanish
like summer breezes

if the human race
only learned to love

yes, love not war
you’ve heard it all before

but in my day
i had something more specific in mind

i thought all violence
would vanish from the earth

if only all human females
were required

to give love to any human male
who asked them

any place any time
all the time


obviously the world
has taken quite a different direction

you 21st century humans
may be horrified

more likely you are laughing
or just shaking your heads

what can i say?
if you saw me on the street today

you would pass me by
without a glance

but how do you know
that the streets are not filled

with people who have had
or still have

thoughts even stranger
or more foreign to you?

how do you know?

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