Wednesday, January 6, 2016

walking after midnight

by wiggly jones, "the little hippie boy"

illustrations by eddie el greco

the sky is blue
the clouds are white
i sleep by day
and walk at night

my father drives a yellow cab
my mother takes in washing
behind the purple mountain
i hear the ocean sloshing

my sister is a naughty girl
my brother is a thief
the stories i could tell you
are quite beyond belief

they took me to the station
and made me pronounce my vowels
they let me go at midnight
i heard a werewolf howl

the night was dark and windy
and cold as it could be
i passed a pretty lady
but she did not smile at me

she might have been a vampire
waiting for the dawn
i turned around to watch her
but she was already gone

i walked along the seashore
and heard a shark’s teeth click
i passed by abraham lincoln
swinging a hickory stick

next came william mckinley
looking white and fat and sad
i don’t know what he was thinking
but it must have been pretty bad

then along came woodrow wilson
at a brisk and vigorous walk
i saluted him respectfully
but he had no time to talk

i passed by winston churchill
but he only scowled at me
and i hurried past the castle
because i wanted to be free

i ran on past the ferris wheel
and heard the whole world spin
then i saw a fancy restaurant
but they wouldn’t let me in

i’m just as good as anyone
i have always felt it so
but some folks live up on the hill
and others down below

i wish i could be famous
like john wayne or cleopatra
and then i try to tell myself
that it really doesn’t matter

napoleon had an army
roosevelt had friends
i walk the earth all by myself
i guess it all depends

some folks wish for power
others wish for love
some just wish for money
but they never get enough

if only i could figure out
the reason i was born
i would put a smile upon my face
and not be so forlorn

if i could only figure out
why we all exist
i would write it in this poem
and fade into the mist

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