Friday, December 5, 2014

5 poems by 5 poets

illustrations by palomine studios and penmarq studios


by manfred corrington sternwall

we have all been here before
we have walked along this shore
we have walked down these same streets
in this same rain and fog and sleet

from this tree we have been hanged often
and risen all from this same coffin
watched this same screaming face beneath
our yellow eyes and tearing teeth

we have run from these same guns
to these same full moons and rising suns
flown across the same dark clouds
and never spoken our name aloud

beneath these windows we will wait
our dreadful lusts to finally sate
we have waited here before
boats burned to ashes on an alien shore


by ashford wallace cordere

the avuncular peregrinations of the pausanian
beribbon the corroded demesne of the embolic
but the forensic-minded gardener
seizes the opportunity to froth

this is an old planet
and has been inhabited too long
by the cartelized dominicans
of the kinetic inquisition
whose random macaques have forgotten their birthright

let us then resolve our torpid feuds
before the last bright roundelay has been assimilated

we have watched the shadows creep across the softball field
and all too tenderly forgotten
the cauterized cheese omelettes of the deracinated


by mary crow fogg

night, the night
has always

been my best
my only

friend,my true
love, no, let

me rephrase
that, after

all, we are
here to tell

the truth as
best we can

i know you
insist that

such efforts
are without

meaning, where
were we, oh

yes, in the
night, in the

"middle of
the night", a

phrase not as

used as it
used to be

i wonder
why that is

what can it mean?

by s r ford

the ketchup stain on the foulard
of the last champion of civilization

better than any twenty volumes
on the loss of the mimetic tradition

sounds the trumpet of an age without trumpets

i warned him repeatedly
that the angry whopper is not an enemy
to be despised

but he thought twenty five centuries
of slowly accreting revelations

of words forgotten
describing sensations no longer petrified

would stand at the gate
against eight billion fun-loving primates

i salute you, sir
for fighting the good fight

as your glasses slide down your nose

every child should sing

by corinne delmonico

people are fucked up
i'm sorry, but they are

they should be good
but they are not

all this racism,sexism and homophobia
what's the big idea?

and capitalism!
that's the worst of all

that's the cause of the whole mess

and religion too
no letting religion off the hook

if i was in charge
i wouldn't stand for any of it

it would all have to go
just like that

no ifs ands or buts
and no sniveling excuses

and if someone has the bright idea
to get up and say

well without racism sexism and homophobia
what are we supposed to do for excitement?

or somebody else says
what? with no capitalism

and we can't go shopping
i mean what the fuck?

or, if there's no religion
what should i get dressed up for?

i like to get dressed up on sunday
thank you very much

i will stand my ground
and tell them

to just deal with it
because every chlld should sing.

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