Sunday, November 30, 2014

3 poems by 3 poets

illustrations by palomine studios


by horace p sternwall

what could be finer
than at 4 a m in a diner
to put ketchup on your fries
and know you are truly wise?

and see the face of your maker
in the empty sugar shaker
and drink your coffee black
as the universe spins off track?

but something goes wrong
with the smoothest song
just as you drift off to bliss
you're wakened by the icy kiss

of the vampires and ghouls
with their messages and rules
and their reminders to move on
into the unforgiving dawn

you know what's really tough?
when your fellow humans have enough
of your scintillating presence
they can make it most unpleasant

and so you trudge away
into the long and looping day
beneath a sky that never ends
with the clouds your only friends


by corinne delmonico

my dad was an asshole
my mom was a slut
my brother was a bully
my sister was a nut

we all lived together
in a trailer in the park
things were bad in daylight
and got worse when it got dark

we had one couch between us
and only one tv
think about that -
for the whole family!

as i got older
i grew bored
i packed one night
while the others snored

i stole everything
everything they had
if they didn’t like it
too bad

i stuck my thumb out
for a ride
and quickly found out
that the world’s not wide

you can cry hot tears
you can shake your fists
but the open road
no longer exists

before i was out on the road
for an hour
the man came along
and had me in his power

i had freedom for a minute
not even as much as
the man came along
and had me in his clutches

i know who i am
i know who you are
the world is the back seat
of a rolling police car

you can sit in a penthouse
you can sit in a cell
you can call it heaven
or call it hell

you can sob and moan
and get your undies in a bunch
or watch the view and ellen
until it’s time for lunch


by regina osgood stapledon

spread your wings, my soul
immortality be my goal
and passion my shining star
to carry me so far

above the dreamless herd
i only need one word -
love -
to soar above

higher - ever higher
to deathless desire

yes, go ahead and smile
so will i -
after a while

and so will he
with the cruelty
from which passion is born

and you
with worldly scorn

but i
in happy memory

the trade, i feel
is fair
for what else is there?

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