Monday, June 2, 2014

the hunter and the animal

by fred flynn

illustrated by roy dismas

one day a hunter was walking in the forest.

he spotted a small animal lying in the grass.

it was too small and scrawny to eat.

the hunter took it home to his cottage.

he fed it scraps and gradually it grew a little bigger.

it began following the hunter on his trips into the woods.

one night, when the animal was asleep under the hunter's table, the hunter went out into the woods and set a trap for the animal.

the next morning the hunter and the animal went out together.

the hunter walked slowly, and let the animal run ahead of him as it often did.

the animal fell into the trap.

the hunter chuckled as he heard its piteous cries.

after a while the hunter rescued the animal from the trap.

the animal was grateful to the hunter, and loved him and obeyed him more than ever.

the animal remained devoted to the hunter, until one day the hunter was bitten by a snake and died.

the animal never forgot the hunter, and thought of him and missed his company every day.

one day the animal was hit by a bolt of lightning and killed.


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