Thursday, June 19, 2014

the arrangements

by sutcliffe lovingood

illustrations by konrad kraus

the day had ended. the last streaks of sunset were disappearing behind the yew trees.

adelaide did not light the lamp, and was sitting in the dusk when constance entered.

in the little light that came from the landing, adelaide could see that constance's face was hard. adelaide avoided looking directly at her.

"have you made your decision, adelaide?"

"yes, i have."

"and your decision is - ?"

"i do not agree to the trustees' proposal."

constance sighed. "i did not expect you to be so stubborn."

"i do not agree to the trustees' proposal."

constance made a sound between a laugh and another sigh. "the consequences of this decision have been explained to you. often enough."

adelaide did not reply.

"very well. excuse me." constance left the room.

the room was almost completely dark when constance returned five minutes later. this time she switched on a small lamp beside the chair adelaide was sitting in.

"a car will be here in twenty minutes. the arrangements have been made."

again, adelaide made no reply.

"there is still time to change your mind,"

"i am not going to change my mind." adelaide ran her hand over her face. "i suppose i should pack."

"there is no need for that. you will not be allowed to bring in anything with you when you get there."

"i think i will pack all the same."

"suit yourself. i suppose it will give you something to do until the car arrives."

constance stepped over to the french windows and made sure they were tightly closed.

behind her, adelaide laughed. "do you think i am going to try to escape? where would i go?"

"where indeed?" constance replied.


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