Thursday, February 21, 2013

the end

by willa mae urchin

illustrations by eddie el greco

after a while, joanie's feet started to hurt.

the sky was just starting to get light.

she kept walking a little longer before stopping and looking back.

she was safe.

nobody was coming after her. she could feel it.

there was no one left to come after her.

it was just starting to sink in, everything that had happened.

she wondered if anyone would ever believe what had happened back in the old house.

and before that, in the all night diner by the side of the road.

but she was alive. only she had survived, only she had gotten through the whole crazy night.

but she was not surprised. she always knew she was different.

things that happened to other people didn't happen to her.

she looked around. she was walking beside some kind of field - a corn field? joanie was a city girl, she didn't know about stuff like that.

she could just make out a building beyond the field. a barn maybe? there was no light on in it.

she started walking again.

no, things that happened to other people didn't happen to her - like dying, or getting her arms and legs cut off, or getting old, or getting wrinkles on her face or on her ass.

as she walked along, she started thinking.

now that she had her little scare, she would start getting serious about stuff.

she would meet some nice guy - a guy like herself, who was different, who wouldn't get old or ugly.

he would be rich. and good looking. and young, of course, because he would never get old. and sweet and gentle. but tough as nails if he had to be. he wouldn't take any shit from anybody - except her, he would be her faithful slave.

they would laugh together about it, about how faithful a slave he was.

they would have a big house - lots of big houses, all over the world. if some shit like a nuclear war or global warming came along, they would just move to another house in one of their private planes or rocket ships.

kids? nah. lots of servants though. and lots of stuff to eat and drink and smoke.

she wouldn't get fat. not that he would care - he would still be her little faithful one, even if she weighed a hundred and fifty or three hundred pounds.

the sun was really starting to come up now.

but there were still no cars on the road.

there had to be a gas station or a diner or one of those souvenir stores up ahead somewhere.

they would have a phone and she would call cleo collect to come and get her.

cleo would snivel about it but joanie would make it up to her.

it was all good.

there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

her feet still hurt a little, but so what?

it was going to be a beautiful day.

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