Monday, February 11, 2013

six poems

by "anonyme"

illustrations by penmarq studios


monkey with a banana
squirrel with a banana
banana with a banana
dear, is that the telephone?


strawberries in the garden
strawberries with cream
strawberries hiding in the raspberries
all a beautiful dream


joey, a person of limited means
picked out a can of lima beans
from the provisions in the general store
but could afford not one thing more

when he presented it to the clerk
the clerk said, you're a piece of work
joey felt a sense of shame
and was glad the clerk knew not his name


blue gardenias
blue rain
blue twilight
blue and downhearted

blue yonder
blue ocean
little boy blue
am i blue?


one sees them in the streets, suddenly, faces from the past, and yet with ravaged visages and stricken with shame for their reduced circumstances when they spot you, and one begins to raise ones walking stick in greeting and as quickly drops it, letting them pass by.

years later, one suddenly remembers these fleeting encounters and as quickly forgets them.


old number nine came down the track
throwing sparks from front to back
bob the bum with his can of beans
stayed discreetly behind the scenes

as his nose began to run
bob observed the setting sun
in all its splendid majesty
and flicked an ant from off his knee

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  1. Almost too much splendidness for a Monday in February.