Tuesday, July 25, 2017

i should get out more

by wiggly jones, "the little hippie boy"

i should get out more
instead of sitting in my lonely head
dreaming of days gone by
that never existed

gypsy dave and sunshine are gone
so are winston churchill and jerry garcia
we don’t have nixon to kick around any more
nobody even remembers walter winchell

o j is back in the news for a few hours
rush limbaugh is disappearing over the horizon
it is raining in butte montana
but the sun is shining in sarajevo

i should get out in the street
in the world that has left me behind
and just look around
but would anybody notice me?

i thought the streets would be empty
but they are actually filled with people
all looking at their smart phones
and not at the sky or each other

the streets used to be filled with clocks
but now everybody knows what time it is
they all beat to one heart
the heart of the floating world

the world that is floating away
from the dreams of peace and love and ham and eggs
words that were only words
like “adumbration” or :defenestration” or “vladivostok”

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