Monday, December 19, 2016


by chuck leary

illustrations by pete palomine

someday you will wake up
and the bad people will all be gone
and you will think, hallelujah
this is the new dawn

and you will take the scripture
down from its secret shelf
the one you have been writing forever
all by yourself

you will put it in a suitcase
and go out into the street
and you will nod politely
to all the folks you meet

and they will be so happy
that their oppressors have fled
that they will not even notice
the frown on the top of your head

you will take the suitcase to the river
and toss it into the depths
your sins will all be forgiven
you will have no more to confess

all the gods you invented
and all the demons you named
will be as if they never existed
and never played the game

you will put your hands in your pockets
and walk back into town
the celebration is only beginning
but where is your golden crown?

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