Friday, March 18, 2016

2 poems by 2 poets

illustrations by palomine studios


by chuck leary

who did this to you?
were they faithful and true?
when they came up the stairs
were they saying their prayers?

when they took out their revolvers
and said, this doesn’t involve us
they were just doing their job
because the boss is a slob

they left you for dead
with a note beside your bed
that they were afraid
the debt had not been paid

they would be back for more
until the final score
was the boss everything, you zero
don’t try to be a hero

life is a big mouth
which chews up north and spits out south
everything in its path
if you just do the math

if every wrong was righted
and every shore was sighted
and every ship that sailed away
came back the next day

if nobody won, and nobody lost
and no one was ever double crossed
and there was no reason to be afraid
who would cheer at the parade?

who would stand at an empty grave
with no handkerchief to wave
no preacher to say a few words
and no raindrops, and no birds?


by jack dale coody

i remember when clowns were funny
when a dollar a day was pretty good money
when the policeman was your friend
and the good times would never end

i remember when singers sang real songs
and everybody just got along
and kids were respectful, but full of fun
and a fellow found a gal who was the only one

i remember when half the world was broke
but a five cent cigar was a good smoke
and a man could treat himself to a drink
and never worry what the neighbors might think

i remember when a ride on the merry-go-round
was the best entertainment that could be found
and a rousing speech on the fourth of july
could make a grown man cry

i remember when men went off to war
and knew what they were fighting for
when communism was the bunk
and you were either a patriot or a skunk

i don’t know what tomorrow brings
but i remember many things
things long forgotten, and long gone
things that are now frowned upon

stranger, i see you growing faint
listening to my weary plaint
i see your eyeballs beginning to drift
i’m headed for the graveyard - can you give me a lift?

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