Friday, May 1, 2015


by frederick flynn

charles invited a small gathering of his most select friends to celebrate his last evening in a three-dimensional state. on the following morning he would go completely bodiless.

his friends were happy for him but were even happier that they would soon be joining him.

only maria felt a small tug of uneasiness which she successfully hid from the gathering by looking out charles’s picture window at a few flashes of lightinng above the bay.

suddenly matthew appeared at her elbow.

“would you like me to freshen your drink, maria?” he asked with his impeccable courtesy.

“thank you matthew, i would like that very much, “ maria replied.

as matthew filled maria’s glass almost to the brim with the finest imported vodka, it occurred to maria that the concept of “imported” was already virtually obsolete.

“you know, matthew,” she exclaimed as she raised the glass to her lips, “i really loved your most recent installation.”

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