Friday, August 15, 2014

from a sternwall family album


by rev. peter hapworth sternwall

youth of america, stand up straight
never be tardy, never be late
ne'er make the other person wait
and if you do, do not blame fate

though circumstances may prevail
take your medicine, don't weep nor wail
the origins of actions may be hid
but all comes back - to something you did

youth of america, stand up true
responsibility is all on you
bear your burden, don't shrink or shirk
how else shall civilization work?

shall the clouds of savagery roll away
if you do not confront the day?
how can truth and light prevail
if slackers are allowed to cry travail?

youth of america, stand up straight
on you depends the very fate
of the human race in this dark age
it is up to you to turn the page



by samantha monday sternwall

rain sweeps cross the stormy sea
the wreckage drifts along the shore
to ponder for eternity
the fateful words - "one more" !

once more into the breach of fate
to gamble with your soul
once more to hope you'll not be late
returning to the fold

salvation's light doth part the cloud
attend it while ye might
for the devil weaves a fitting shroud
for those who shirk the fight

temptation is all around us
with its sly and graceful smile
its gossamer wisps surround us
"it is only for a while"

"enjoy the day, repent at night"
the fiend doth whisper low
but when his minions clutch you tight
they will laugh, not let you go


the mystery of life

by col. albert harkworth sternwall

time, which like a striking snake
never gives a chap a break
taunts its prisoners with the thought
that this life is all they've got

o can it be true
is there no muse to woo
or beckoning at the brink
is there only one more drink?

make haste, drink up my friend
for time may suddenly end
leaving our skeletons at last
with an unemptied glass!



by horace p sternwall

from the caldwell academy yearbook, 1933

let the road never end
so long as i have a friend
let the skies be gray or blue
so long as he is true

will i be as true as he to me?
that's another story, we shall see
as down the road we slog
it is ever dog eat dog

as the highway unrolls fast
and the end approach at last
though his loyalty you've bought
can he save you? - i think not


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