Saturday, April 26, 2014

october in new york

by sylvie anomie

johnny woke up.

he had a big member of parliament.

he ordered breakfast in bed.

the bellhop had a headache but the bus boy was a buddhist.

the marmalade was orange but the window was open and the rain came in.

later the maid made the bed and whistled dixie as she swept up the cracker crumbs.

as the day wore on the desk clerk remembered the first nude woman he had ever seen and a homicide detective working on a cold case enquired about the room rates in the previous two decades.

how sad it all was! there are no more leaves on the trees in the blind alley.

the sanitary engineer wanted to smoke a cigar but mores had changed since the demise of the gold standard and the space program was left in the wind and the rain without a friend.

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