Wednesday, November 27, 2013

3 poems by 3 poets

illustrations by roy dismas and konrad kraus

fragment of a fragment

by horace p sternwall

comrades, let us rest a while
before we walk another mile
as into oblivion we sink
let us have another drink

let poets and philosophers
and others that the gods prefer
debate who's second, who is first
i only know i have a thirst

oh why rose empires and nations
and so-called civilizations
humans should have been contented
when booze was invented

to sit beneath the trees
as easy as you please
and imbibe its pleasant fumes
instead of pursuing heroic dooms

who needs golden palace rooms
and alabaster tombs
when the sweetest dreams of all
from an upraised glass can fall


by samantha monday sternwall

if i could only be myself
i would never be anybody else
i'd let them play their happy roles
and save my own unfathomed soul

and watch from my window serene
across the lawn so green
the rays of the sunset gracefully crack
across the gardener's bent back

if i could be a flower
for only one hour
it might be fascinating, yet
i am afraid i might regret

being unable to return
to a life i did not finally spurn
my own true life - the life of me
the only person i ever want to be


by chuck leary

i'm special. are you special, too?
let's go away together, me and you
to a magic world, where hearts are true
and no one can tell us what to do

we'll never have pimples, warts or hives
we will live our own lives
it will never be too hot or cold
we'll live forever and never grow old

i will pick you a new flower every day
and you will look at me and say
i never knew it could be this way
i love you more than the sun has rays

fairies and elves will bring us food
we'll never be in a bad mood
we'll walk beside an ocean deep
and the rain will sing us softly to sleep

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