Sunday, September 15, 2013

the peaceful village, part 2

by horace p sternwall

illustrated by roy dismas and konrad kraus

part two of two

click here for part 1

the monster curled his sneering lip
and slouched against his silver spaceship
and considered the little town
and whether to swallow it whole down

he had traveled through all time and space
ravaging worlds with an ill grace
sometimes he got bored
and wondered if he should cut the cord

which bound his fragile existence
to a universe which made no sense
and then on the radar of his ship
another world would make a blip

and he would think, just one more
and land on its blue or grassy shore
terrorize the population
and leave behind him desolation

he had once been wild and free
but now he suffered from ennui
and could hardly summon the energy
to level a village or uproot a tree

and the creatures he crunched between his jaws
sometimes almost gave him pause
the neurons in his brain grew loose
and he wondered, what's the use

but his fragile ruminations
were cut short by the sensation
of a living creature approaching
on his radius encroaching

it was none other than johnny smith
who had taken it upon himself forthwith
to challenge this monster in his own domain
and did it not for fame or gain

but because it was the thing to do
his resolve was firm and his heart was true
though such considerations
on the monster's brain made no indentations

he only detected a pest
and you can just guess the rest -
or can you? can you say
with total assurance who carried the day?

is there a final cosmic text
to describe what happened next?
or only endless wind and rain
obscuring what happens again and again

stories unfold and refold
are over and over again told
all hear what they wish to hear
as into the fog they peer

in endless universes
you can supply your own verses
johnny might get eaten
or the monster might get beaten

or johnny and the monster become good friends
and head off to some other earth's ends
or both be hit by lightning
as they are heroically fighting

in endless possibility
there is a dark city
where the monster slices the pie
and johnny is a private eye

in the window there is a dame
who plays her own game
playing johnny and the monster for chumps
as they endlessly take their lumps

on a street with no beginning
where all the suckers are winning
and the wise men bide their time
until the final flower of crime

when the final case is cracked
the last lion and tiger tracked
as the saints and angels slumber
for a good time call this number

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